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Sunflower Dreaming Winter Pyjamas

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Embrace the cozy charm of the season with these snug PJs, designed to bring the enchanting beauty of winter landscapes to your nighttime wardrobe. Wrap yourself in the comfort of countryside dreams as you embark on a journey to sleep paradise.

  • Soft, collared button-up shirt for ultimate comfort
  • Delightful ribbon details and our Hide Country Logo on the top pocket 
  • Matching PJ bottoms with convenient pockets and chic edge piping for a stylish look
  • Drawstring waistband ensures a perfect fit, allowing you to cozy up with ease

Material: 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex

Ladies I recommend going off the sizes below:

XS 6-8 / SMALL 8-10 / MEDIUM 10-12 / LARGE 12-14 / XL 14-16 / 2XL 16-18 / 3XL 18-20 / 4XL 20-22